Message from President

Namaste !

Welcome to the official website of Nepal Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong. The Nepalese community in Hong Kong comprises one of the big ethnic communities and the emergence of new entrepreneurs makes a considerable size in Hong Kong.

The chamber is dedicated to perceive the core values of HKSAR and is tending towards contributing to the economy of Hong Kong. HKSAR remains to be the tremendous commercial gateway and the chamber like ours will have abundant opportunities in networking and connecting to diverse business platforms.

We believe in free enterprise, rule of law and ethical business practices. We too work on entrepreneurship, social and environmental responsibility. Our members are expert in event management and support committee research and advocacy. Patrons, members from advisory board and general members make the Chamber unwavering to move in its right direction.

Chamber serves the bridge between Hong Kong and Federation of Nepal Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI), Nepal which is the main driving force for the Nepal’s economy. We are the member of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce and we have direct/indirect correlation with many other business Chambers/institutions established in Hong Kong.

Nepal is one emerging country in economies and there are abundant opportunities for investment in the sectors like-hydro-power, tourism, banking and finance, industries to produce exportable merchandises and many more. The fundamental basis to invest in Nepal is that it is environmentally friendly especially now in the post-conflict political era which crops cost effective production particularly in industries. The country Nepal welcomes the investors from outside in line to the rules and precincts of the country.

Our members make the dynamic force and I would invite members from varied business institutions and professionals of diverse origins to join us according to its proven norms.

The chamber organizes seminars and meetings to its members/prospective members and professionals from time to time to impart skills on how to generate new business.

Finally, I do stretch warm invitation to all allied business institutions/members to join us to expand mutual business platforms and to work with integrity and success.

Warmest regards
Dasu Ram Parajuli