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4th (Second) Meeting

Date: 21 Nov 2022
Venue: NRNA Office, Day Market, Jordan
Time: 5:00 PM

The Nepal Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong 4th (second) meeting was held at above date, time and venue. Mr. Lab Kumar Gurung had chaired the meeting. A quorum is considered to be reached regardless of the number of people present at the second meeting based on the NCCHK directive.


  1.  Affiliation:
    • Decided that NCCHK will provide business services to its members like business formation & licensing services, secretarial & bank opening services, accounting and taxation services, job & employment services, etc.
    • Decided to form an affiliated company to provide the above services. 
    • Decided to make “Business Sorcerer Academy Hong Kong Limited” in short “BSACADEMY” will be an affiliated company of NCCHK.
    • TERM & CONDITION passed as follows.
      1. Affiliate will pay the Chamber 5% affiliation charge for every referrer.
      2. Affiliate will provide Chamber’s Member 5% Discount on the Service Charge.
      3. Affiliate will use the Chamber’s logo and write “Affiliated with Nepal Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong”.
      4. Affiliate will be free member of the Chamber until the agreement is in active.
      5. Chamber will place a website link of the Affiliate in the Chamber’s official website header.
      6. After sign both parties, the contract will be activated.
  2. Seminar:
    • It was decided that a seminar “Arabica Coffee from Nepal” will be organized recently in December.
  3.  Management Committee:
    •  Management committee is formed as follows with the mission “Working together cooperatively towards a common goal”
      1.  Business & Planning Committee:
        • Objectives: Support Nepalese business entrepreneur & develop business plan & events.
        • Job: Planning Events, Venue Booking, Budgeting, Finding Sponsor and Advertiser, Membership Growth
        • Committee Members: Mr. Lab Kumar Gurung, Mr. Dharam Gurung, Mr. Dhiraj Kumar Rai
      2.  IT & Professional Services Provider Committee:
        •  Objectives: Support and Promote IT & Service Providers’ Business
        • Job: Design & Print Poster, Flayer, Publicity, Communicate & invite members, and stakeholders.
        • Committee Members: Mr. Shashi Madan Rai, Mr. Danny Bardan
      3. Finance, Remit, Gold, Jewelry and Antique Committee
        • Objectives: Promote Finance, Remit, Gold, Jewelry, and antique Business
        • Job: At the Event, Make Attendance of Attendees, Keep Financial Records of the event.
        • Committee Members: Ms. Indra Gurung, Mr. Tirtha (Jeevan) Gurung.
      4. Hotel, Restaurant, Travel & Tours Committee
        • Objectives: Support & Promote Hotel, Restaurant, Travel & Tours business.
        • Job: At the Event, Management Catering Services, Manage hotel & Ticketing Service.
        • Committee Members: Mr. Prakash (JP) Gurung, Mr. Pradip Kandanwa
      5. Retail, Wholesale, Import, Export Committee
        • Objectives: Make business network of Retailers, Wholesalers, Import, Export Business.
        • Job: At the Event, Deliver or Procure Goods, Support Customs & Excise Department work.
        • Committee Members: Mr. Dhundi (Raj) Gyawali, Mr. Laxman Thapa Magar
      6. Beauty, Clothing, Gift & Handicraft Committee
        • Objectives: Promote Beauty, clothing, Gift & Handicraft Business in Hong Kong.
        • Job: At the Event, Receipt & Welcome Guest, Make Decoration of the event venue.
        • Committee Members: Ms. Tika Maya Shrestha, Mr. Suman Ingnam.
      7. Security, Construction & Others Committee
        • Objectives: Support to Security & Construction company and not mention above company.
        • Job: At the Event, Provide Security, Support, First Aid, and Volunteers.
        • Committee Members: Mr. Bishnu Gurung, Mr. Yuwaraj Gurung
  4. AGM:
    • 15th AGM will be organized on 2 Jan 2023, Sunday. Venue will be booked by the President.
  5. Hiking:
    • A Hiking Program will be organized in 12 February 2023. The Hiking Route and Schedule will be presented by the President at the next meeting
  6. Anniversary:
    •  15th Anniversary will be organized on 11 Mar 2023, Saturday. The venue will be fixed by President and present at the next meeting.
  7. Trade Show:
    Trade Show will be organized on 7,8,9 Apr 2023.  (3days)
    • Venue: The venue will be booked by the president at TST Ferry.
    • Name: “1st Sourcing Nepal Hong Kong Showcase-2023”
    • Vision: Display Nepalese exportable products and Hong Kong manufacturing products, and Professional services all under one roof.
    • Mission: Bring over a million visitors from Local Chinese and other people from Asia Pacific Region.
    • Promotion: Promotion will be done as follows.
      1. Complimentary Ticket:
        Distribute over 1 million complimentary tickets to Chinese retail stores, Restaurants, Housing estates, and Chamber Organizations, and send invitation postcards to residential buildings.
      2. Online Promotion:
        online platforms, such as the Website, Facebook page, YouTube, Instagram, WeChat, Weibo.
      3. Tote Bags:
        Tote Bags will be distributed to visitors during the exhibition period at the ticketing counter.
      4. Free Admission Ticket:
        Distribute free admission tickets at the ticketing counter.
      5. Stage Program:
        Exhibitors will be given stage to promote their products or services in day time. Evening time cultural program will be held at the stage.
      6. Show Guide / Wow Coupon:
        Widely distribute show guide and wow coupon at the ticketing counter to attract more targeted customers.
      7. Other promotion:
        Gate ads, Stage ads, and Banner ads will be displayed.
      8. MTR Advertisement:
        Advertisements at major MTR stations, ranging from light boxes, Escalator crowns, and Poster-on-wall (Tsim Sha Tsui station / Shatin station), to increase the effectiveness of the promotion. (discuss on the next meeting)
      9. Billboard and Digital Panel:
        Displaying Outdoor Billboards and Digital panels at Crowded places such as King Wah Centre, and Pioneer Centre etc. (discuss on the next meeting)
      10. TV and Major Newspaper:
        Widely advertised on TV and in Major newspapers such as TVB, and Headline Daily. Shooting and producing videos with famous KOL. (discuss on the next meeting)
      11. Other Promotional Channels:
        The organizer partner with promotion channels including McDonald’s, Calex HK, Hong Kong Hospital Authority, Wan Kee Group, Sun Hung Kai’s Properties and shopping malls, Gaw Capital’s shopping malls, China Resource Group, Tai Hing Group, Hong Kong Town Gas, Century 21, Marathon, etc., to distribute millions of complimentary tickets at over 100 spots. (discuss on the next meeting)
      12. Media, Online Platform & KOL Coverage:
        Headline Daily, i-Cable, Sing Tao, HKET, On.cc, Ming Pao, Wen Wei Po, Commercial Radio, Weekend Weekly, U Lifestyle, Unwire, Yahoo News, HK Golden, Baby-Kingdom, HK Discuss, Cosmopolitan, Try.Eat!, etc. (discuss on the next meeting)
  8. Code of Conduct of Meeting:
    • Code of Conduct of meeting passed as follows.
      1. Executive meetings will be held at least once every first Friday of the month. 
      2. If special circumstances arise, the meeting may be convened at any time on the advice of the President and the General Secretary.
      3. Attendance of more than 51% of the total executive committee will be considered a quorum for the meeting.
      4. If the quorum is not reached in the second meeting, no matter how many people there are, it will be considered that the quorum has been reached.
      5. Information regarding the meeting on WhatsApp will be considered as official.
      6. If unable to attend the meeting, write the request to the president or the general secretary’s personal WhatsApp. Don’t write on Group’s WhatsApp.
      7. Write the request “I won’t be able to attend the meeting on (DATE), I will agree to whatever decision is made by the meeting, I will sign the minute without objection on the next meeting”
      8. Attend the meeting regularly. A written explanation will be asked for those who do not attend the regular meeting 3 times continuously.
      9. If the explanation is not forthcoming or the executive committee does not satisfy, the post will be dismissed.
      10. Mobile phones should be kept in silent mode during the meeting.
      11. When speaking on the topic of discussion in the meeting, speak according to the turn by turn.
      12. Applause should be given to show satisfaction and raise a hand to dissatisfaction at the meeting.
  9. Callendar 2023
    •  02 Jan 23 Mon- AGM (The following new year)
    • 13 Jan 23 Fri – Meeting:
    • 12 Feb 23 Sun – HIKING (Mid February)
    • 11 Mar 23 Sat – 15th ANNIVERSARY
    • 31 Mar 23 Fri – Meeting:
    • 7,8,9 Apr 23 – TRADESHOW (Easter holidays)
    • 14 Apr 23 Fri – Meeting:
    • 01 May 23 Mon – SEMINAR (Labor day)
    • 19 May 23 Fri – Meeting
    • 22 Jun 23 Thu – SEMINAR (Tuen Ng Festival)
    • 21 Jul 23 Fri – Meeting
    • 26,27,28 Aug 23 – FACTORYVISIT
    • 22 Sep 23 Fri – Meeting
    • 30 Sep 23 Sat – SEMINAR (Mid-Autumn Festival)
    • 23 Oct 23 Mon – SEMINAR (Chung Yeung Festival)
    • 03 Nov 23 Fri – Meeting
    • 4,11,18,25 Nov 23 – Event: MEMBER VISIT (Saturday after lunch)
    • 2,9,16,23,30 Dec 23 – Event: MEMBER VISIT (Saturday after lunch)
  10. Next Meeting:
    • Next meeting will be held on 23 Dec 2022, Friday. The venue will be fixed by President. 

Executive Committee

  1. President:- Mr. Lab Kumar Gurung
  2. First VP: Mr. Dharam Kumar Gurung
  3. VP: Mr. Dhiraj Kumar Rai
  4. General Secretary:- Mr. Shashi Madan Rai
  5. Secretary:- Mr. Bardan (Denny) Gurung
  6. Treasurer: Ms. Indra Gurung
  7. Vice Treasurer: Mr. Tirtha Raj (Jeevan) Gurung
  8. Executive: Mr. Dhundi (Raj) Gyawali
  9. Executive: Mr. Prakash (JP) Gurung
  10. Executive: Mr. Bishnu Kumar Gurung
  11. Executive: Mr. Yubraj Gurung
  12. Executive: Mr. Pradip Kandhangwa
  13. Mr. Suman Ingnam Limbu
  14. Mr. Laxman Thapa Magar
  15. Ms. Tika Maya Shrestha


Shashi Madan Rai
General Secretary