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Route: Wan Chai Gap to Aberdeen Reservoirs


Hiking in the forest can be an exciting and exhilarating undertaking providing a peaceful and enjoyable connection with nature as well as family, friends, neighbors, businessmen, and communities.  Most importantly, hiking benefits our health. It personally gets a reward when you successfully complete an outing of several miles.

Wan Chai Gap - Aberdeen Reservoirs Route

The Southern District on Hong Kong Island offers splendid natural scenery, especially the areas in the vicinity of Aberdeen Upper and Lower Reservoirs.  Meandering between the two reservoirs is Lady Clementi’s Ride, which was an important military post during the Second World War.  Follow the catchwater and the footpath on the hillside, walk past the reservoirs and proceed to Reel Rise along the footpath.  The route passes by a cemetery and ends at Yue Kwong Chuen, Aberdeen.  Parts of the route are slightly rugged.

Bus Stop
Wan Chai Gap Park
Middle Gap Roak
Kee Left
Downhill Path
Walk Downhill
Downhill Path
Enter the Path
Distance Post H043
Take the uphill path
Keep right and follow the path to Aberdeen Upper Reservoir
Barbecue site of Aberdeen Country Park
Aberdeen Upper Reservoir
Walk towards Aberdeen at the junction
Keep right and walk along the catchwater
Looking towards Aberdeen
Walk through the gate
Downhill path
The junction at Peel Rise
Yue Kwong Chuen
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Length: About 6.5 KM; Duration: About 4.5 Hours; Category: Moderate


  • Physical Benefits – Reducing heart disease, blood pressure, bad cholesterol, and body fat, Increasing immune system, good cholesterol, bone density, etc.
  • Social & Familial Benefits – build relationships with people, motivating and supporting one another, bonds between friends and family grow stronger, and new friendships are formed with people.
  • Mental Benefits – disconnecting from technology and getting into nature, reduction in insulin resistance, reduced inflammation, and stimulation in the growth and survival of brain cells.
  • Spiritual Benefits – meditative experience for reflection and greater connection with the creator such as views of the stream, colors, animals, calls of birds, sounds of a flowing stream, etc.
  • Financial Benefits – Hiking is far cheaper than many other athletic activities or joining a gym. Most everyone has access to local parks and they’re free.



  • NCCHK Members (HK$300 Refreshment Fee) 
  • NON-NCCHK Member (HK$450 Refreshment Fee)

Benefits for Participants:

  • Connectivity – Get connectivity with businessmen as well as strengthen friendships and business relations.
  • Sharing Ideas – Get an enjoyable time for sharing ideas with businessmen and friends.
  • Partnership – Chances to build partnerships among private companies and businessmen.
  • Build up business – Refreshes the mind reduces fatigue and increases energy to build up a business.

Request for Participants:

  • Bring the correct hiking shoes – Shoes should be breathable and waterproof. 
  • Bring Socks – Wear two pairs of socks. (Liner sock & wool sock). Do not wear cotton socks.
  • Wear Proper Clothing – Do not wear cotton clothing. 100 % nylon and polyester are best.
  • Bring Water – Drink water every 15 minutes and consume 1 liter of water for every 8 kilometers of hiking.B
  • Bring minimum First Aid items – Carry  Aspirin or Aleve to relieve muscle or joint pain.Fo

Program Rundown:

  • 12:30 PM – Gathering MTR Admiralty Station
  • 01:00 PM – Take New World First Bus Route No. 15 to Wan Chai Gap
  • 01:30 PM – Start Hiking from Wan Chai Gap
  • 01:35 PM – Welcome Speech (Wan Chai Gap Park)
  • 05:45 PM – Thank You Speech (Barbecue site of Aberdeen Country Park)
  • 06:00 PM – Reach Aberdeen Reservoir Road 
  • 06:15 PM – Walk along Yue Kwong Chuen to Shek Pai Wan Estate
  • 06:30 PM – Take Citybus Route No. 7 to MTR Sheung Wan Station
  • 07:00 PM – Dinner at Sheung Wan Restaurant
  • 09:00 PM – Departed

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